Trusted Chain and Blade Sharpening

Sharp Tools Allow for Maximum Cutting Power

A dull chain or blade can not only waste your time and energy, but it can also be dangerous to use. Bring your chainsaw chains or lawnmower blades to Dougs Power Equipment today and get them sharpened to improve their efficiency and your safety. We also provide a 24-hour turnaround on sharpening services, so your equipment is ready when you need it!

Rates for Chain and Blade Sharpening

  • $10 - chainsaw chains
  • $12 - chainsaw chains with 72+ drivers
  • $10 - Residential lawnmower blades
  • $12 - Commercial lawnmower blades
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Ask About Our Storage Special!
We offer some of the best brand-name equipment in the industry including Toro, Exmark, ECHO, Redmax, Husqvarna, Walker and Altoz.

Financing Specials are available - contact us today to help you choose and finance the right equipment for all your lawncare needs.
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